5 Keys to Happy Marriage

5 Keys to Happy Marriage

Wedding Ideas - 5 Keys to Happy Marriage

Every married person must have longed for a happy married life. However, a number of studies reveal that a happy marriage is not enough to rely on love. You can get a happy marriage when pursuing some of the following requirements:

1. Married couples have the same expenditure
Money is one of the most crucial problems in life pairs. The problem will be even greater when you and your spouse have different views on spending. When people are wasteful to marry someone who is very careful to spend money, it frequently occurs dissent and sacrificing their marriage.

The research team led by Scott Rick of the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, conducted a survey of 1000 adults who are married and the unmarried. The results showed, there are still many people who choose to partner with opposing views about money with them. Even couples that are considered more romantic opposite, but in financial terms as this pair will often have conflicts, and less experienced marital satisfaction in the long term than those whose partners also love shopping.

"Although the couple who are both wasteful will have greater debt than saving, but the level of debate on the money will be minimized," said Rick.

2. Frequent sex
Every one is negative, including your spouse. However, as a good partner you rightly comprehend and understand the nature of the poor to get a happy life.

A study conducted Michelle Russell and James McNulty of the University of Tennessee said, there is one way to curb the vices partner, by sex. Sex can be the answer to make a couple happier. After several years of marriage, usually sex life will be reduced compared to early marriage. And couples who frequent sex were more satisfied and happier in marriage than sex infrequently.

A survey published in the British Journal of Urology International revealed the fact that the 50-year-old men were more satisfied in their sex lives than men aged 30-40 years. Men aged 50 years and turned out to have the same level of satisfaction with couples aged 20-29 years. The frequency and satisfaction of sex is considered capable of perpetuating your wedding.

3. Often express a "thank you" and "us"
In 2007, researchers from Arizona State University conducted a survey of spouses of appreciation of each other as partners. Apparently, quite a lot of couples who often says or does something that symbolizes gratitude and thanks to each other. Beyond that, there are still a lot of people were a little hard to respect others. In life couple, mutual respect and to thank proven pair hit it off and reduce the level of hatred against the couple. Couples who respect each other are also more satisfied with their relationships than those who rarely thanked and less appreciative partner.

Besides saying "thank you", a habit that also makes couples feel happier is to always say "we". The study, published in the journal Psychology and Aging revealed that couples who express themselves with "we" and "us" had shown concern and compassion more. The word is also considered capable of lowering the level of physiological stress and negative behavior (angry) that may occur when different opinions. This study also proves that the selfish words like "I", "you" and "me" during the debate it will make emotions run high. The use of the word is also associated with dissatisfaction in marriage.

4. It's not easy to give up happy
Sometimes we feel we have a lot of family negativity. However, according to research by the University of Tennessee, marriage can actually be lasting because of some negative behavior couples.

"One way to develop and improve the quality of the experience and the marriage was in trouble. Process of blaming each other and advised the couple to change to a more positive direction could make the wedding so much better," said psychologist James McNulty.

Basically, couples can be happier when they can understand the desire to understand and partner with each other. McNulty added that blaming the partner (in the manner and reason) was able to motivate the partner to change for the better, and give comfort to both sides. Do not give up to change the nature and negative behaviors partner to change for the better.

5. Toil
Love and happiness in marriage can last forever if you are able to go through various trials of life. In a study published in the journal Review of General Psychology, researchers from the University of California conducted a survey of more than 6000 people were newly married and were married for 20 years.

From this research looks, many couples who still love each other even been together for decades. They found that the key to keeping the romance in marriage is hard work. "Couples who have lived together for decades is apparently working hard to be able to maintain their relationship. They really care about their relationships, resolve conflict well, and have a smooth communication," said Bianca Acevedo, one of the researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

In addition, the study also proved that a new experience made with substances can also stimulate the production of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain that works to increase the feeling of happiness in marriage. This new experience and adventure to create a new atmosphere that is fun for both partners.

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