10 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Rings World

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For some couples, the wedding ring is not just a symbol. The ring can also be very valuable as diamonds and the price is fantastic.
Ring with a fantastic price is what Hollywood celebrities wear when getting married. Here are 10 celebrities with the most expensive wedding ring

1. Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Garner with 4.5 carat diamond ring directly to the birthday-33. The ring is the work of renowned American jeweler Harry Winston. A diamond ring is worth an estimated U.S. $ 5,000 or approximately USD 46 million. Garner and Affleck married couples on June 29, 2005 in one of the private islands in the Caribbean.

2. Jennifer Lopez

When married singer Marc Anthony in 2004, Jennifer Lopez got a 8.5 carat diamond ring that cost is estimated at millions of dollars. The ring is a lavish second wedding rings ever received Lopez. When married to Ben Affleck, American Idol judge was also once received a 4.5 carat diamond ring pink. Now Lopez marriage with the two men had run aground.

3. Katie Holmes

Married to actor Tom Cruise, Katie proposed with a diamond ring weighing 5 carats and valued at U.S. $ 1.5 million, or about 14 billion. Application was filed Cruise, at the Eiffel Tower, Paris on June 17, 2005. The couple is now blessed with a daughter was married in Italy on 18 November 2006.

4. Heidi Klum

Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum, singer Seal proposed with a diamond ring weighing 10 carats valued at U.S. $ 1.5 million. Seal rings are given when they celebrated Christmas together in 2004. On May 10, 2005, Seal and Heidi got married in Mexico. But now the wedding couple have three children who have run aground. Both decided to split up in January 2012 at the end of last year.

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Stars film 'The Mask of Zorro' is married to actor Michael Douglas on 18 November 2000 in New York. He applied for an older man 25 years her senior with a 10 carat diamond ring is quite antique. The rings are valued at U.S. $ 2 million or approximately USD 18.2 billion.

6. Kim Kardashian

When applying for Kim Kardashian, basketball player Kris Humphries gave her sexy diamond ring of 20.5 carats, 16.5 carats 2 carat emerald and platinum. The rings are designed for Kim by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and worth about U.S. $ 2 million. Sweetheart wedding ring fancy with it only lasted 72 days.

7. Mariah Carey

Six weeks after the date, rapper and actor Nick Cannon proposed to singer Mariah Carey immediately. Mariah proposed a 17 carat diamond ring. Ring valued at U.S. $ 2.5 million was decorated with 59 diamonds. The two were married on 30 April 2008 in the Bahamas.

8. Melania Knauss-Trump

What if you marry one of the richest men in the world? The supermodel Melania Knauss already feel it. When asked by Donald Trump married, he proposed a 15-carat diamond ring worth mencapau U.S. $ 3 million or approximately USD 27.3 billion. Fantastic.

9. Paris Hilton

Paris is not married. But he had barely rose wedding with a millionaire Greek origin, Paris Latsis. The man had proposed to Paris with 24-carat diamond ring worth U.S. $ 4.7 million. Love affair and they both then ran aground off the engagement after five months of dating. The ring was auctioned by Paris Hilton and the results are donated.

10. Beyonce

Singer Beyonce and Jay-Z married in 2008 in New York. Not many people know about a wedding that was held behind closed doors. Even so, the wedding of two people in the world renowned music was pretty fantastic. When married, Jay-Z gave Beyonce's 18-carat diamond ring valued at $ 5 million or approximately USD 45.5 billion.

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8 Ways Indicate Sweetheart On Husband

8 Ways Indicate Sweetheart On Husband

Wedding Ideas - 8 Ways Indicate Sweetheart On Husband - tips before marriage - wedding ideas

Have you recently got married or even been married for many years? Many things will change in your marital life, one of which is a concern. Sometimes because of busy, this attention so it is considered trivial, so forgotten. Though attention is still needed so that the couple feel you still love him as it was when the courtship.

Amidst the bustle, try giving her husband a time attention. There are several easy ways and needless extravagance. Here are eight ways to show his affection for her husband, are discussed Mag For Women:

1. 'I Love You', Speak to him as often as may be
Three words is a very strong word when spoken to your partner. It shows that you love her very much. Those words must often diungkpakan you and your partner when you first met. By continuing to say 'I Love You', the memories will not quickly disappear and be remembered.

2. Together Bebaringlah
Sometimes having time together as a couple is required. Moreover, to lie in bed with friends while sharing stories about events or activities that have been carried out during the day. Husband convenience when you need to get with you.

3. Cook Food Specials
Some say that if the wife is a good cook, my husband will be loved. But if you are not good for cooking, it does not hurt to occasionally cook his favorite food. You can hone culinary skills and give love through the cuisine.

4. Give Appreciation
Tell your partner that you are very lucky to have him and how great he was for a husband. Words like that can sometimes be of encouragement to him.

5. Do not curb
As a wife, do not be selfish and curb to get along or melaukan hobbinya. It sometimes makes a lot of couples fight. Therefore give him confidence that he did not feel constrained by marriage.

6. Give The Gift
Do not always think that men are supposed to provide gifts for women. Try not ever give him a small gift like a watch, or a tie to work. And look at his face when he received your parcel.

7. Perform Experiments in Bed
One of the things that can show your concern for him is, experiment and give a little surprise on the bed. Try to find references from the internet or friends, so that your sex life is not boring. Do not think twice to give this one a surprise.

8. Dress For him
Do not just dress up when you go to a party with him. Keep maintain your appearance when at home and make it always fascinated with you.

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3 Best Ways to Show Love In Husband

3 Best Ways to Show Love In Husband

Wedding Ideas - 3 Best Ways to Show Love In Husband - Weddings Tips - wedding harmonis

Feel lately husbands no longer care for you, it could be because of your own attitude. Do you also give enough attention when he was with?

Showing love to the husband is not enough just to serve and appreciate it. Daily routines often leave the wife to forget the little things which actually expected her husband.

Experts romance graduates majoring in psychology from Columbia University, Kristina Marchant gives tips how to show love to your husband better. This is like describing Kristina suggestions on Your Tango:

1. Focus and Pay Attention
Children, work and household affairs, they can seize the attention of the wife that her husband sometimes feels he is no longer a priority for you. Psychotherapist and author of "The Pathway to Love ', Julie Orlov has said" as the development of marriage, men often feel they are only considered important in the affairs of pay-pay. " Therefore, to make the husband still felt he was still your nomorsatukan, laungkan moment at least 30 minutes to chat. In the conversation that try to discuss things outside the child affairs, money or in-laws.

When my husband told a business office or a friend that his interest, focus your attention on the story. Stop before whatever it is you are doing. Try to not only respond with a nod and pretend to listen while you're watching television or writing fuel.

According to Marchant, the woman is quite funny because they wanted to close with the husband. But most of the women can be hard to let it happen proximity. Women tend to use a number of activities to protect himself from intimacy. So try to watch at least five minutes completely husband when he took a moment to talk or use it to love him, hug him and feel for yourself what benefits.

2. Stop Being a mother
Husband of course very happy if you have the ability to take care of children and household well, just like her mother. But in his life, he would not need two mothers. This is often a concern of the husband, according to psychologists who wrote the e-book entitled 'Inspire His Love For You' was.

Gave her husband's love does not mean put on the list of things what you should do or take care of every day. My husband was not a need to control and manage. Try being a woman who is loved by starting to talk to her from your heart. Never again be a cold-hearted woman. If it's mad, show anger too. Whereas when you feel very fond of her, show well from the heart.

3. Sleep Go Together
When my husband and children had gone to bed, that's when a woman can do 'me time'. Indeed, it's very tempting when you take care of them all day and do not have time to just sit quietly listening to music or reading a favorite book.

But according to Marchant, if the above are done, you've made the distance with her husband. Remember, men need physical intimacy and touch. She wants to cuddle with you, listen to or heard the story while relaxing in the bedroom. Activities that taste is hard to do every day. But at least take the time once a week. In one night, forget for a moment the dishes are still piled up after dinner or the latest episode of your favorite television series. Spend the night to cuddle up to you and your husband fell asleep. No need to end up having sex, just kissing, talking and touching each other gently.

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5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

Wedding Ideas - 5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013 - Top 5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013 - Bridal Modis Wedding Dresses wedding party

1. Strapless Mini dress

One of the works of Vera Wang bridesmaid dress is strapless dress with puffy silhouette on the dress and take detai smock-shaped flowers on one side of the dress. It was also equipped with a contrasting black ribbon.

2. 'White by Vera Wang'

This bridesmaid dress into the collection 'White by Vera Wang' for spring 2013. Bridesmaid dresses are sold at prices ranging from U.S. $ 158 to U.S. $ 198, and are available in sizes 0 to 26.

3. Maxi Dress

Not only offer mini cut dress. Vera Wang also provide an option for those who love to wear long-cut dress. Decorated with ruffle accents on the front, making it look so feminine canal.

4. Backless dresses & Colorblock

Vera also presents a long dress with superiors and subordinates pleated backless cut. The dress is decorated with a yellow ribbon on the waist. In addition to the ornaments, ribbons are also useful to express the curve of the body.

5. Blue dress with ruffle

To show a more casual wedding, blue dress this could be the right choice. The model is not excessive, but still look elegant with the help accent ruffle at the front of the dress and a black ribbon in the abdominal area. Interested wear?

5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013 is beautifull wedding dresses trend 2013 - 5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013 is amazing wedding dress - 5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

Tips When Choosing Birthday Gifts Wedding

Tips When Choosing Birthday Gifts Wedding

Wedding Ideas - Tips When Choosing Birthday Gifts Wedding - Wedding Gift Ideas - Tips When Choosing Birthday Gifts Wedding

Wedding anniversary is a special moment for every couple. Many ways to fill those happy days, such as the exchange of gifts. Unfortunately, choosing gifts for couples often a problem of its own for some people.

Robyn Spizman, a leading gift expert and author of The Perfect Present: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Occasion (Crown, 1998) divides his advice for those who have trouble finding prizes for the loved ones on a special day such as a wedding anniversary couples. Here are four tips that you can follow, as quoted from the Canadian Living.

1. How the Right When Giving Gifts
Even though you know that the couple had wanted a new gadget for a long time, and decided to give it as a gift Anniversary, try to look for unique ways when presenting the gift. "Look how good that your gift memorable," says Spizman.

Use words that are beautiful to create a memorable memory. If you want to give a gift watches, include handwritten notes that make the gift more touches such as, "Spending time with you is the best gift." Give a gift that truly represent you.

2. Make Such Meaningful Gifts
In deciding to purchase gifts to be given, think about how much people are going to like the gifts you give. Instead of just giving the iPad he wants, make a slideshow containing a collection of wedding photos or your favorite photos of your vacation and your partner.

If a couple has a hobby of cooking, fill a gadget that he wanted it in a recipe and suggested him to make the dish for you. The key is to think about how to convey your feelings to her and tell her how much it meant to you. Prizes will be more valuable if it can be enjoyed together with a loved one.

3. More gifts 'Big' in the Years Important Wedding
Although small gifts are also good for a wedding anniversary, but in the crucial years of your wedding prepare a bigger prize and meaningful.
"Every year can symbolize different things. On the tenth anniversary go to Hawaii with boarding a cruise, or enjoy the spa at Canyon Ranch when the twentieth wedding anniversary," said Spizman.

Prizes will be more meaningful if it can be enjoyed both. Plusnya value again is you get a lot of experience together when sharing experiences in planning trips together, packing together and looking forward to the adventure with a partner.

4. Establish Budget
When exchanging gifts with a partner, make sure the budget of your gift and equal partner. "At critical moments such as wedding anniversary budget make clear the amount of budget that you and your partner want to spend," said Spizman. Would be very uncomfortable if you get a fancy gift while he gets a small prize. So first discuss the budget so that the process will go much easier.

"Maybe this year's financial condition was difficult for you and your partner. Or you just bought the stock of food to be cooked together at Anniversary dinner that emit substantial expenditures," said Spizman. Ensure the amount of budget spent with a partner will avoid feeling frustrated or upset because a gift is not found to be comparable to those already issued.

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

Wedding Ideas - 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown - 7 Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses

All the ladies will want to look attractive at the moment of their marriage. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress is the most important element that you can look beautiful as the day perfectly H. If you do not want one in your selection, here are a few things to note, as quoted from the website All Women Stalk.

1. Budget
Buying a wedding dress requires a considerable expenditure. Sometimes even make you spend more money. So before you decide to buy it to spend half the wedding budget, better rethink your decision carefully. Keep in mind that, a dress with a high price does not necessarily fit when worn with you.

2. Being Yourself
Choose a wedding dress that really menunujukkan your personality, but with a touch more glamorous than than usual. If you love bright colors, wear only dresses in a palette that you like.

3. As practical as might choose a dress
Often the wedding dress that looks beautiful is not necessarily practical for use. On the day of your wedding, there will be plenty of activities such as dancing with the groom, the guests invited suave and also other activities that will be a lot of exertion. Therefore, you should choose a wedding dress that practical to wear. In modern times such as these, many wedding dresses are made more practical, but still make the wearer invisible.

4. Fitted with Body Shape
Often we are forced to buy clothes that does not fit with the size of our bodies just because to look beautiful. In fact, the clothes that do not fit the shape of your body, making the display becomes unsightly. So you should choose a dress that really fit with curves. Besides comfortable to wear, you will look perfect.

5. Comfortable Materials
Material is one of the important factors in choosing the right wedding dress. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from materials such as lace, accented with feathers or other materials that can create an allergic reaction in your body. Similarly, choose a material that absorbs sweat easily and comfortably worn either day or night. Because the dress you will be using throughout the day H.

6. Selection of Colors
Either customary in happier days, both traditional and modern, remember to harmonize the color of your skin dress. Pale white color is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Now, many wedding dress with a palette dikombimnasikan on, especially on wedding dress with traditional customs that often combine red with ivory as an accent color.

7. In accordance with the Wedding Location
If you hold the wedding in the outdoors, whether it be in the garden or near the beach, choose a wedding dress that will be easy to wear on your happy day. Choose a lightweight material and length in order to facilitate your space.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

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7 Dress Bridal Celebrity Picks 2013

Wedding Ideas - 7 Dress Bridal Celebrity Picks 2013 - 7 Dress Bridal Celebrity Picks

1. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake recently in private nuptials on Friday (19/10/2012) in Italy. In this photo released by People magazine, it appears Jessica wearing a pale pink wedding dress berpalet. The dress is Giambattista Valli design.

2. Anne Hathaway

After four years of their romance with Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway were married on Saturday (09/29/2012) then. Stars of 'Princess Diaries' was performed so pretty with painted pink Valentino dress at the bottom of the dress. His appearance was maximized with a headdress made ​​of lace.

3. Reese Witherspoon

Reese got married again on March 26, 2011 with Jim Toth, the man who knew at the beginning of his second marriage 2010.Dalam it, Reese wore a pale pink Monique Lhuillier design. The dress looked consists of lace bodice, ribbon and tulle skirt A-line.

4. Gwen Stefani

Gwen is married to Gavin Rossdale on 14 September 2002 at St Paul's Church, London. At that time, Gwen wore ivory dresses with shades of pink on the bottom of the dress. The dress was designed by John Galliano. Now, Gwen has meyumbangkan her wedding dress to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

5. Margherita Missoni Maccapani

Grandson of the founder of the Italian fashion house, Missoni was wearing a Giambattista Valli dress works for her wedding day. Pink colored dress with a hippie was charged Margherita to marry Eugenio Amos.

6. Portia de Rossi

Portia wore a pale pink berpalet gau with tutu skirt Zac Posen's work when he married Ellen DeGeneres. Tutu skirt pink ballerina-style display states, but cut halter tops to give the impression it is far from a touch of edgy style sweet Princess.

7. Sharon Stone

On February 14, 1998, Sharon Stone was married to Phil Bronstein in Beverly Hills. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Sharon was wearing a pink wedding dress Vera Wang's work. Detail dress no crystals, beads or lace was made ​​of chiffon with A-line silhouette.

7 Dress Bridal Celebrity Picks 2013 - 7 Dress Bridal Celebrity Picks 2013 is veri nice wedding dresses ideas - 7 Dress Bridal Celebrity Picks 2013

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