5 Dress Bridal Trends 2013

5 Dress Bridal Trends 2013

Wedding Ideas - 5 Dress Bridal Trends 2013 - 5 Dress Bridal - Choice of wedding dress is now more dynamic and diverse. This is due to the variation of the theme wedding held by the bridal couple.

If the first marriage confined in a building or hotel, the bride just sitting in the aisle and greeted every guest that comes, now the party can be held anywhere. "At the hotel, restaurant, dine wine concept, and even renting an old house to be a wedding venue," said Tina Andrean designer wedding dress.

From observations Tina for 30 years working in the fashion world wedding, the wife of prominent businessman Johnny Andrean summarizes the five themes of clothing that is supposed to represent the diversity of models and types of wedding dress of the many.

"The five themes represent the preferred wedding date," said 52-year-old woman.

What are the themes put forward Tina's wedding dress for her collection in 2013? Starting from the classical European style dresses to modern dress with a touch of Asia, dihadirkannya in a mini show at the shop located at Gandaria City, South Jakarta, Saturday (01/11/2012).

1. Touch of Asia
Inspired by different cultural weddings (couples from other countries), Tina modifying various traditional dress in a more modern and universal. As Hanbok, traditional Korean clothing made strapless gown with a big bow detail and a wide piece from the chest to the bottom. There is also a Kimono fashion combined with ballgown skirt or dress kebaya 2 in 1. "Blouse can be removed so that the stay of her dress only. A two different fashions," explains Tina.

2. Colour of L.O.V.E
Wedding dress choices are no longer predominantly white only. Tina brings a wedding dress in solid colors such as emerald blue, yellow, red and bright pink. Clothing is also not always present with moden ballgown. But the simple and slim shape while promoting rich design detail and crystal grains to keep showing the impression of luxury.

3. Intimate Bali
The wedding was held in Bali, usually more concept cocktail or semi-formal because generally didakan at the beach or the hotel guests are limited only by family and close friends. Therefore, for this theme, Tina designed the dress that makes the bride move freely. The model is dominated by strapless dress with ruffle detail, layers and embroidery. "I used the material is thin and light, as in Bali mostly semi-formal event," he explained.

4. Exotic of China
Collection of this theme certainly dominated models collar cheong-sam, characteristic of traditional Chinese clothing. Starting from slim cut dresses, ballgown to trail a long, collared dress-sam cheons Tina's designs looked gorgeous and beautiful. In addition to the white palette, Tina also brings bright red dress for the bride who wants to maintain a strong tradition of China at his wedding.

5. European Classic
Wedding dresses inspired by classic Grace Kelly and Princess of Monaco. Victorian nuances are felt in the last sequence. Wide-cut dresses, lace applications, rose to a three-dimensional long-sleeved dress with ruffle detail make the bride look pretty, feminine and elegant.

5 Dress Bridal Trends 2013 - 5 Dress Bridal Trends 2013 - 5 Dress Bridal Trends 2013 - 5 Dress Bridal Populer in 2013
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