5 Latest Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

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1. Strapless Mini dress

One of the works of Vera Wang bridesmaid dress is strapless dress with puffy silhouette on the dress and take detai smock-shaped flowers on one side of the dress. It was also equipped with a contrasting black ribbon.

2. 'White by Vera Wang'

This bridesmaid dress into the collection 'White by Vera Wang' for spring 2013. Bridesmaid dresses are sold at prices ranging from U.S. $ 158 to U.S. $ 198, and are available in sizes 0 to 26.

3. Maxi Dress

Not only offer mini cut dress. Vera Wang also provide an option for those who love to wear long-cut dress. Decorated with ruffle accents on the front, making it look so feminine canal.

4. Backless dresses & Colorblock

Vera also presents a long dress with superiors and subordinates pleated backless cut. The dress is decorated with a yellow ribbon on the waist. In addition to the ornaments, ribbons are also useful to express the curve of the body.

5. Blue dress with ruffle

To show a more casual wedding, blue dress this could be the right choice. The model is not excessive, but still look elegant with the help accent ruffle at the front of the dress and a black ribbon in the abdominal area. Interested wear?

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